Be a smarter gift shopper

Be a smarter gift shopper
Posted on 11/02/2023
smiling woman and man dressed for winter and looking into shopping bags

Keep these safety tips in mind during this holiday shopping season. Remember that thieves are doing their shopping as well!

Secure merchandise in the trunk or rearmost part of your vehicle, out of sight from the passenger doors and windows. 

Remain vigilant of your surroundings when walking to and from your car. Keep your head up, and have your keys ready to enter your vehicle without being distracted.

Keep purses and wallets on your person at all times. Avoid the temptation to place them in shopping carts or on top of your car, or set them down anywhere else. 

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash with you. 

When expecting online deliveries, have a trusted neighbor pick them up from your porch right away. Better yet — if you can, have the packages delivered to your workplace.

Monitor your banking and credit card statements for any fraudulent charges or signs your account has been compromised. 

Report suspicious people or activity in your neighborhood to 911. Burglars or “porch pirates” may be cruising around looking for packages to steal or homes to break into.

When meeting a stranger for a sales transaction, such as Facebook Marketplace, do so in a police station parking lot. If someone won’t meet at a police station, consider cancelling the transaction.

Published Nov. 2, 2023