Code changes may impact your project plans

Code changes may impact your project plans
Posted on 05/26/2023
Adirondack chairs in backyard next to wood fence

Planning to install a new fence, wall or retaining wall at home? The City of Lenexa recently updated its code related to these types of projects.

Below, we’ve summarized the changes most likely to impact you. A link to the amended code is available here.


Fences on corner lots

Under the new code, fences along the side street on corner lots may be installed 15 feet from the property line as long as they are 4 feet tall and open-style (50% or less opaque). If a fence is taller than 4 feet or is privacy-style, it cannot be installed in front of the required setback.

Fence setback diagrams

Fence and retaining wall diagramRetaining walls

When a fence is located within 3 feet of or directly on top of a retaining wall, the height of the fence plus the height of the retaining wall shall not exceed 10 feet.

Retaining wall tiers are limited to 10 feet per tier. Additionally, there must be at least three feet of horizontal space between tiers of a tiered wall.

About fence permits

Permits are required when installing or replacing a fence in all cases except for the following:

  • Installing a decorative fence (typically an open-style fence designed to add to the attractiveness of the property rather than as an enclosure or barrier) in accordance with certain regulations (see code for details).
  • Installing an agricultural fence in accordance with certain regulations (see code for details).
  • Installing a retaining wall less than 4 feet in height.
  • When replacing less than 50% of a single fence line with the same materials, height, and design, in the same location as the previous fence.
  • When replacing non-structural components such as pickets.
  • When replacing a fence, wall, or retaining wall that was removed in order to do work in an easement, as long as the replacement has the same materials, height, design, and location.

You can apply for a permit online at . As part of your application, you’ll need to upload a copy of your property’s plot plan that shows the location of the proposed fence, property lines, easements, setbacks, and buildings and you will need to tell us details about the proposed fence, such as the material, style, height, and color.

If you have questions or need a copy of your plot plan to get started with your plans, email [email protected].

Published May 26, 2023