Compost service is a gift that keeps giving

Compost service is a gift that keeps giving
Posted on 10/20/2020

With so much food waste going into the trash each holiday season, it's a great time to start composting. Now, two local companies can help you responsibly dispose of both your sweet potato peels and those unsightly turkey scraps at a reduced rate!

The City of Lenexa has negotiated a 30% discount with curbside compost collectors Compost Collective KC and Food Cycle KC through Dec. 31, 2021, to encourage residents to start composting.

Organic materials account for more than half the waste sent to landfills, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Composting is an easy, practical way to keep food waste out of landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and nourish your garden without the use of chemical fertilizers.

Both companies will provide you a lidded bucket to hold your compostable items, and you can sign up to have your compost collected weekly or every other week. These services will either clean and replace the liner or provide you a new bucket at each pickup. 

Your waste will be turned into a rich soil that will be used by area farms and community gardens. You can also get compost back for your own garden!

If you're already composting at home, this is a great way to supplement your efforts. These services will accept items you wouldn't compost at home like meat scraps and dairy. If you're interested in starting a home compost pile, the Johnson County K-State Extension Office has many great resources to help you get started.

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Published October 20, 2020