Contribute to a greener Lenexa

Four easy ways to contribute to a greener Lenexa
Posted on 04/20/2021

This Earth Day (April 22), make it a goal to protect nature, improve water quality, reduce waste sent to landfills and create a more sustainable community. Here are four great activities to help you develop environmentally conscious habits.

Sign up for curbside compost service

Organic materials account for more than half the waste sent to landfills. The City of Lenexa has negotiated a 30% discount with two local curbside compost collectors – Compost Collective KC and Food Cycle KC – through the end of 2021. These compost providers will collect your compostable items weekly or every other week and will provide you a clean, lidded bucket or liner at each pickup.

Composting is an easy, practical way to keep food waste out of landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and nourish gardens without the use of chemical fertilizers. Curbside compost is excellent for both beginners and as a method for supplementing your efforts if you’re composting at home. These industrial composters will accept items you wouldn’t compost yourself, like meat scraps and dairy. Plus, they’ll give you compost back to use in your garden!

Know what should go in your recycling bin

Recycling contamination results in about 25% of household recycle materials going to the landfill. Study or print out this recyclables flyer to ensure you’re putting the right items in your recycling bin . (While these guidelines apply for most recyclables, double-check with your waste hauler if you’re unsure.) can help you find ways to responsibly dispose of items that can’t go with your recyclables.

One pivotal, easy way to prevent contamination: never bag your recyclables. Put them directly in the bin.

At this time, our City Code requires all trash providers to provide weekly recycling pickup with their trash service. One waste hauler recently requested that the City amend its Code to allow biweekly pickup of recycling materials and City leaders are actively working on a course of action that balances the needs of residents and solid waste providers. Learn more

Take care of your trees

Check to see if your trees are leafing out this spring. If they’re struggling to produce leaves, contact a certified arborist to diagnose the problem and get a quote for tree removal, if necessary. Staying on top of your trees’ health is especially important if you have an ash tree, which is likely to be impacted by the Emerald Ash Borer.

Consider contributing to our urban forest by planting a new tree on your property this year.

  • Free redbud seedlings are available in the City Hall lobby while supplies last .
  • The City offers up to 75% reimbursement for installing native trees through our Stormwater Cost Share Program.
  • If you’re replacing an ash street tree, Lenexa’s street tree replacement program can provide a 50% refund on the cost of replacing the tree, up to $200 per property.

Conserve and reuse rainwater

Rain barrels are an eco-friendly, easily accessible source of water for gardening and lawn care. An upcoming virtual rain barrel class will allow participants to pick up a rain barrel we’ve pre-made and install it at home with the aid of a video. You can also purchase a rain barrel at a local home improvement store and apply for up to 75% reimbursement through our Stormwater Cost Share Program.

Published April 20, 2021