Curbside composting available for Lenexa residents

Curbside composting available for Lenexa residents
Posted on 10/05/2020

Composting is an easy, practical way to keep food waste out of landfills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and nourish your garden. To that end, the City of Lenexa has negotiated a discounted rate with Compost Collective KC to provide curbside compost collection to our residents.

Through Compost Collective KC, you can dispose of a wide range of food scraps, food-soiled paper, plants and landscape vegetation in a lidded bucket that fits under most residential sinks. Each week or every other week, depending on the service you choose, they will collect your compost at the curb, clean your bucket and lid and replace the liner.

Customers in Lenexa can sign up for a reduced rate of $21 per month for weekly collection or $14 per month for every other week collection through Dec. 31, 2021. A one-time $10 bucket fee is charged for all customers. Discounted pricing is also available for multiple buckets.

If you’re currently composting at home, this can be a good supplemental service. Since Compost Collective KC works with an industrial composter, they’re able to collect items like dairy, meat scraps and paper towels that you wouldn’t typically put in your home compost mix. Visit their website for a list of accepted items.

Have a garden at home? Compost Collective KC will provide up to 25 pounds of compost to customers twice a year to bring vital nutrients to your plants and keep artificial fertilizers out of our water supply.

To learn more about Compost Collective KC’s services and sign up for curbside collection, go to

Published Oct. 5, 2020