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Does your flood readiness measure up?

Does your flood readiness measure up?
Posted on 05/19/2021

Spring showers bring welcome warm weather and bright blossoms – and not-so-welcome flooding. Whether you’re worried about a water-logged basement or flash floods impacting your daily route, know that a small amount of water can still cause big problems.

Protecting your home and property

Just one inch of water can cause $23,635 in home damage and $3,192 in damage to personal property for a 2,500-square-foot house, according to data form the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

  • Make sure you have the correct building permits, especially if you live in the floodplain.
  • Keep important documents and other values elevated to prevent water damage. Keep copies of documents like birth certificates, passports, medical records and insurance papers in a safe, dry place, with originals in watertight safety deposit box.
  • Retrofitting techniques like elevating structures, electrical panels or HVAC systems can help protect your property in flood-prone areas like basements.
  • Get flood insurance. Most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage.
  • If you’d like information on flooding issues or flood-proofing your property, we are happy to visit you on-site to offer advice. Call 913.477.7500 to schedule a visit or talk with City staff about your flooding concerns.

Protecting yourself

Just six inches of moving water can knock over a person. One foot of moving away can sweep away a vehicle. When major flooding is in the forecast, make protecting yourself, your family and your pets your first priority.

  • Never swim, walk or drive through floodwater.
  • Monitor local news and weather reports regularly.
  • Know what evacuation routes you would use during flooding. Avoid bridges over fast-moving water.

Two excellent resources to help you prepare for flooding

Floodsmart.gov Ready.gov/Floods


Published May 19, 2021