Drive safely. Protect workers.

Drive safely. Protect workers.
Posted on 04/13/2023

When you’re running late and sitting in traffic, it can be easy to forget just how dangerous road construction is for workers. In 2020, 117 workers died in highway work zones. Drivers and pedestrians are at risk, too — there were 44,000 crash-related injuries and 857 fatalities in work zones in 2020.

Do your part to protect the people who work hard to give us smooth, safe streets by committing to these simple actions.

Plan ahead.

Keep an eye out for message boards along your regular routes. They’ll let you know when work is planned. We send out Road Closure Alerts via e-news and social media when closures are planned in Lenexa. Sign up to get email alerts at

Slow down, and watch for sudden stops.

Rear-end collisions were involved in 20% of fatal work zone crashes in 2020. Make sure you’re able to stop gradually, and maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you.

Be aware of your surroundings, and minimize distractions.

Checking a text is not worth risking someone’s life. Put your phone away. Try to avoid other distractions too, like changing your radio station or eating in the car. Focus on safely navigating the road.

Nine people are killed every day in crashes that involve a distracted driver, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Watch out for these summer road construction projects

Pavement Management Program
Major streets scheduled for resurfacing include 87th Street Parkway (Maurer Road to Pflumm Road), Marshall Drive (87th Street Parkway north), Pflumm Road (103rd Street to College Boulevard) and Renner Boulevard (95th Street to College Boulevard).

99th Street and Clare Road
Traffic signals at 99th Street and Canyon Creek Boulevard and construction of Clare Road and 99th Street will provide access for new residential subdivisions.

83rd Street and Monticello Road
The City of Shawnee is partnering with us on upgrades including a traffic signal, new eastbound and westbound right-turn lanes, modified street lights, new and extended sidewalks and a pedestrian crossing at 83rd Street/Woodsonia Drive.

Prairie Star Parkway and Lone Elm Road
Improvements include a new traffic signal, changes to median islands and curbs, pedestrian upgrades and streetlights.

Published April 13, 2023