Fix little issues now, avoid big problems later

Fix little issues now, avoid big problems later
Posted on 04/06/2023

Some of the most costly, time-consuming home repairs creep up on you over time – often the slow effects of water intrusion are more damaging than a sudden windstorm. By staying on top of some basic home maintenance and doing simple, regular inspections of your property, you can keep your home safe, beautiful and free of code violations.

Get started with these easy steps from our Community Standards staff.

Check your wood fences for signs of disrepair. While they often have a long life span, winter snow, ice and winds can take a toll on a fence. Replace any missing or damaged pickets, and ensure your gate works and locks as intended. Give your fence panels a good shake. If they are not solid, they may need repaired.

Check your deck boards and handrails regularly for signs of wood rot or damage. Replacing just a few boards a year is much cheaper than replacing an entire deck at once, and it gives you peace of mind that your deck is safe.

Once your bushes, trees and vegetation have bloomed, make sure to keep your landscaping trimmed back from your home. This allows air to flow, preventing mildew. It also minimizes potential hiding spots for criminals.

Inspect your gutters regularly and watch for signs that they aren’t draining properly. Full or leaking gutters can cause water issues for your foundation and the siding on your home. Make sure water from downspouts is diverted away from your home to avoid costly repairs.

The earlier you can address wood rot, the cheaper and better for your home. Extensive wood rot allows access for animals looking to nest to move in. It can also allow water into the interior of your home, which can cause decay and mold inside the walls.

We see people use spray foam to fill voids that wood rot has caused – it’s not a good solution. Animals eat right through the spray foam, and it does not seal the areas from water intrusion.

Published April 6, 2023