Fungi at the Farmers Market!

Fungi at the Farmers Market
Posted on 08/06/2019
oyster mushroomsCarl and Terrance Waldenmaier, father and son co-owners of LandSeaFood, have added fresh, locally grown mushrooms to their product line on Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Lenexa Farmers Market. They offer brown, gold and blue oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms, which are packed with nutritional value.

It takes exacting effort to grow these beautiful mushrooms. Here's how they do it.

Carl and Terrance start with substrate, which is the soil that mushroom grow in. This “soil” consists of hard wood pellets, soy husks and reverse osmosis water. The wood pellets are soaked in the reverse osmosis water and mixed with the soy husks. Then the substrate is sterilized at 200° for 15 hours and inoculated with the mushroom spores. The inoculation process takes place in front of HEPA filters to ensure the cleanest air around the mushrooms. 

After inoculation, the mushrooms are sealed in bags and put in a colonizing chamber at 75° for 10 days to two weeks. During this time, the mushroom spores take over the substrate. Once colonized, the mushrooms are moved to the 62° fruiting chamber where they will start the pinning process. 

It takes up to eight days for the mushrooms to "pin," which means to start growing. The pinning process is very humid. To help develop the colors in the yellow and blue oyster mushroom, Carl and Terrance use a waterproof LED light. Once the mushrooms have pinned, they are ready for harvesting in two days. 

After the mushrooms are harvested, the substrate can stay in the fruiting chamber and fruit two additional smaller batches of mushrooms. Once the substrate has been completely used to fruit three batches of mushrooms, it is recycled as compost for a local farmer. 

Everything in the LandSeaFood warehouse works together. During the inoculation and pinning process, the mushrooms give off carbon dioxide. The hydroponic lettuce Carl and Terrance also grow love carbon dioxide, which is beneficial to its growing. The humidity given off by the mushrooms and hydroponics is also captured and recycled. 

Visit the LandSeaFood vendor booth at the Lenexa Farmers Market to bring home some mushrooms for your next meal.

Published Aug. 6, 2019