Get a start on outdoor home improvements

Get a start on outdoor home improvements
Posted on 03/13/2019
Person washing off a patio

Even before grass starts to sprout, there's still plenty todo outdoors to make sure your home is in top shape and compliant with City codes. Here are a few often-neglected early spring tasks that our Community Standards staff spot each year:

Complete any fall yard clean-up you didn't finish last year to prevent patches of grass from dying.

Pick up pet waste. It's not only unsightly and smelly — pet waste is also a major source of bacteria in streams.

Check gutters, exterior walls and windows for signs of wood rot and other damage. If your home needs repair work, get bids early, as many contractors book fast in the warmer months.

Check your driveway, walkway and sidewalk conditions to ensure there are no trip hazards like cracks or vegetation. People will be out walking soon.

Published March 13, 2019