Joint Statement Regarding Equity and Diversity

Joint Statement Regarding Equity and Diversity
Posted on 08/05/2020
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The following joint statement regarding equity and diversity was approved at the August 4, 2020 City Council meeting.

Joint Statement of the Governing Body of the City of Lenexa
Regarding Equity and Diversity

As the elected leaders who represent the citizens of the City of Lenexa, we are dedicated to serving all who live, work, visit and play in Lenexa. We reject racism and oppression and believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. 

Discrimination in all its forms is wrong and inconsistent with the City's values. We oppose discrimination toward any person on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability. 

A guiding principle of Vision 2040 - the community visioning process completed in 2018 -  is that Lenexa continue to be inclusive and a city which “respects and values community members from diverse backgrounds, abilities, viewpoints and experiences.” We reaffirm our commitment to this vision for Lenexa and will work to ensure our community is a place where everyone is treated with respect, feels safe and is heard. 

We strive to be inclusive in our city government, including in our hiring practices and communications and in the policies we adopt and the laws we pass. We have long advocated for and are committed to actions that promote equity and inclusion.

We are proud of the officers of the Lenexa Police Department who bravely work, often under difficult and stressful conditions, in service to our community. We have high confidence in their professionalism. We stand beside them and support them in their continuing effort to keep our community safe and to implement fair, transparent and unbiased policing in a way that reflects the community’s vision, guiding principles and values.

We commit to listening to, learning from and collaborating with all Lenexans. We will foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding which affords equal treatment to everyone and creates positive change in our community.

Published Aug. 5, 2020