Know the signs of tech support scams

Know the signs of tech support scams
Posted on 07/01/2022

The Lenexa Police Department has had numerous reports recently of residents falling victim to a commonly used “computer tech support” scam. Some of those victims have lost tens of thousands of dollars in this scheme.

Here’s how the scam works:

  • While using a home computer, a pop-up window appears telling the user that their computer has detected a virus, or that some other unsafe condition needs to be addressed.
  • The victim is told to call “Microsoft tech support” at the number on the screen.
  • When the victim calls the “tech support” number, the scammer on the other end asks for remote access to the victim’s computer. The phony tech support will also ask for payment to take care of the computer problem.
  • In the days following, the victim may also receive additional calls from the scammer telling them their bank accounts are now compromised and requests payments via gift cards or Bitcoin ATM.

No matter the scam, fraudsters use pressure to play on the victim’s emotions and will try to get them to act quickly without thinking or consulting someone for advice. Be especially leery anytime someone is asking for payment using pre-paid gifts cards (Visa, iTunes, Google Play, etc.) purchased from a local retailer.


Microsoft support will never call or email you unsolicited to offer to fix your computer.

Their error and warning messages never include phone numbers — if you see a pop-up or error message with a phone number, it’s a scam.

Published July 1, 2022