Mayor Mike Boehm: 32 years of celebrated service

Mayor Mike Boehm: 32 years of celebrated service
Posted on 10/27/2023
Mayor Mike Boehm

Lenexa’s longest-serving mayor, Michael Boehm, will soon wrap up an exceptional career in service to our community. After five consecutive terms as mayor, he decided not to run for reelection in November.

A lifelong resident of Lenexa, Boehm’s career in public service began on the Lenexa Planning Commission in 1991. He was then elected to the City Council in 1995 and became mayor in 2003. 

“It has been an honor to serve Lenexa as mayor for the past two decades, and I believe that now is the right time to step aside,” said Boehm. “What we have accomplished over the past twenty years was a team effort — not the work of any one individual. Through our visioning processes, residents shared their aspirations for Lenexa. I am proud to have worked alongside other elected officials and professional staff who have helped make that vision a reality. I have confidence in our City Council members and staff and know they will continue working to make Lenexa an extraordinary community.” 

“We are indebted to Mayor Boehm for his amazing contributions to Lenexa,” said City Manager Beccy Yocham. “He is a visionary leader who inspires the best in people, and our community has grown immensely under his leadership.”

Reception honoring Mayor Boehm

Join us at a public reception thanking Mayor Mike Boehm for his service to Lenexa on Nov. 28, 2023, from 3:30 to 6 p.m.
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Mayor Boehm’s leadership has guided Lenexa through transformational periods in its history and will continue to shape the City’s future. Below, we’ve highlighted just a few of the biggest milestones that took place during Mayor Boehm’s tenure.



Mike Boehm is appointed to the Lenexa Planning Commission.


Boehm is elected to represent Ward 4 on the Lenexa City Council. 


Vision 2020 is adopted. This ambitious, citizen-led plan jumpstarted many of Lenexa’s major accomplishments over the last two decades. Two of the biggest ideas that came out of Vision 2040: Rain to Recreation and “a central meeting place for residents, with a new downtown… integrating retail sites, commercial uses, entertainment opportunities, community activity centers and public buildings,” which would become Lenexa City Center. 


Voters approve a 1/8-cent sales tax to fund a new watershed management program that will become Rain to Recreation. This major award-winning initiative reduces flooding and protects water quality and natural habitat while providing recreational and educational opportunities. 


The Lenexa Fire Department is the first in Kansas and one of just 65 in the world at the time to earn full international accreditation status for excellence in fire service. 


Boehm is appointed mayor in January after Mayor Joan Bowman stepped down due to health concerns. He is elected mayor in April and wins four subsequent reelections.

“Mayor Mike Boehm has displayed unwavering, courageous and bold leadership throughout his two-decade tenure as the mayor of Lenexa. During his time, he has overseen remarkable growth, fostered innovation and spearheaded improvements in the quality of life for both our residents and businesses. Thanks to Mike’s steady guidance, Lenexa has transformed into a prominent regional player and a sought-after destination. 

"As a councilmember, I had the privilege of serving alongside Mayor Mike for 17 of his 20 years in office. Together, we collaborated on exciting, once-in-a-lifetime projects and navigated through challenging situations and turbulent times, all of which paved the way to a promising and prosperous future for Lenexa. Mike consistently exhibited grace and inclusivity, valuing diverse voices and perspectives, and urging us to consider the well-being of all Lenexa citizens, not just a select few who were vocal. What stood out most to me was the mutual respect and esteem that permeated the Governing Body, a culture cultivated under his leadership.”Andy Huckaba, former Ward 4 council member


Mize Lake opens. It’s Lenexa’s first regional stormwater detention facility and recreational lake created through the Rain to Recreation program.

Municipal Services Department earns accreditation for the first time. Just 162 public works agencies had earned this distinction as of Lenexa’s latest reaccreditation in 2020, placing Lenexa’s department among the finest in the country.


Prairie Star Parkway is built between Ridgeview Road and Woodland Road. It’s the last section of this major roadway needed to connect eastern 95th Street to Kansas Highway 7, paving the way for substantial development. 


Construction begins at Lenexa City Center. Retail, restaurant, office, hotel and multifamily construction continue to thrive over the next decades and contribute significantly to record development numbers. 

Lake Lenexa spillway and dam is dedicated. The 35-acre lake and adjacent amenity-rich, 240-acre Black Hoof Park are Lenexa’s premiere Rain to Recreation project, blending flood control and recreation opportunities.


Lenexa and KDOT dedicate the 87th Street Parkway, I-35 and U.S. 69 interchange project. This $70+ million project rebuilt the interchange to relieve traffic congestion. At the same time, Lenexa widened and substantially improved 87th Street from the interchange to Pflumm Road. 


Vision 2030 is accepted. Community gardens, the Lenexa Rec Center and expansion of our multi-use trail system are a few of the many ideas that have come to fruition out of this effort. 

“Lenexa Vision 2020 was created by Lenexa citizens while Mayor Boehm was a City Council member. From that time on, it was important to him that the vision not sit on a shelf and collect dust. While he was mayor, he formed Lenexa Vision 2030 and Vision 2040 to keep the plan current and hear from citizens on what the future of Lenexa needed to be. Thank you, mayor, for creating an opportunity for the future of Lenexa to continue to grow.”Cindy Green, Chair of Lenexa Vision 2020


Lenexa receives Aaa/AAA ratings from Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s for the first time due to its strong financial position and strategy. They’re the highest bond ratings available from these credit agencies and save the city significant interest costs when financing capital projects. 


The Fire Department receives ISO Class 1 rating, earning it distinction as one of the nation’s top-rated fire-protection services.

Lenexa’s population reaches 50,000. In 1990, the year before Boehm was appointed to the Planning Commission, the city’s population was just 34,034. 


The Lenexa civic campus opens, including City Hall, the Lenexa Rec Center and the Lenexa Public Market. The campus serves as the civic anchor and gathering place for City Center, and Lenexa marks this milestone with a month of celebrations. 


Vision 2040 is accepted, building on the past successes of Vision 2020 and Vision 2030 and providing a framework for achieving what the community wants to become.

Lenexa’s Complete Streets Plan is accepted, establishing a long-term strategy for bike and pedestrian accommodations throughout the city. 


Ridgeview Road is built between Kansas Highway 10 and Prairie Star Parkway. This central corridor atop former limestone mines was prohibitively difficult to build on due to rocky, rolling terrain, mine waste and lack of infrastructure. Today, it’s one of the city’s fastest-growing areas. 


Lenexa breaks ground on the new Lenexa Justice Center. This state-of-the-art headquarters for Lenexa’s Police Department and Municipal Court is expected to open in mid-2024.

The League of Kansas Municipalities presents Boehm the E.A. Mosher Excellence in Local Government Award. This award is designed to honor excellence and leadership at the highest level. It recognizes city officials who have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the city they serve and an active commitment to strong local government, among other values.


In August 2023, Lenexa reaches a half billion dollars in new yearly development for the first time. In Boehm’s first full year as mayor — 2004 — the City hit an all-time high of $193 million. 

“Mayor Boehm’s leadership has been instrumental during a time when Lenexa’s growth has been extraordinary by any measure. Over the years, he’s helped shape and advance projects benefitting all corners of Lenexa, and the creation of City Center has been truly transformational for our community. We’re fortunate the legacy he’s leaving is a development culture committed to quality, vision, collaboration and excellent stewardship on behalf of our residents and businesses, ensuring Lenexa’s success into the future.”Ashley Sherard, Lenexa Chamber of Commerce CEO

Published Oct. 27, 2023