Meet Recreation Superintendent Marisa Shartzer

Meet Recreation Superintendent Marisa Shartzer
Posted on 10/11/2021
Marisa Shartzer

Marisa Shartzer joined the management team in Lenexa’s Parks & Recreation Department in late June 2021. As recreation superintendent, she oversees recreation programming, the City’s numerous special events and the Lenexa Farmers Market.

Marisa previously spent 14 years managing a wide variety of recreation programs with the City of Olathe and Johnson County Park & Recreation District. She is a Kansas Certified Public Manager and a Certified Park & Recreation Professional through the National Recreation and Park Association.

Get to know Marisa through the Q&A below. Have feedback about Lenexa’s recreation programs or events? Let Marisa know

What was your first job in the field of parks and recreation?

I was a T-ball coach for Johnson County Park & Recreation District during college.

What are you excited about in this new job?  

I am excited to learn about Lenexa and lead the department to increase efficiency as well as citizen participation and satisfaction. 

What do you hope to help Lenexa Parks & Recreation accomplish?

I hope to expand programs for all citizen age groups and increase participation in our community events. Lenexa has a lot of exciting capital improvement projects coming up that will allow us to look at our recreation programming and meet new needs for the community, as well as enhance our current offerings.

How do you think recreation offerings benefit a community?

In recreation, our goal is to instill healthy lifestyles for all members of our community. A healthy lifestyle encompasses all aspects including physical health, mental health, community involvement and civic engagement. In recreation, we get to help people remember there is a balance to life. We can help individuals find ways to stay healthy, active and manage stress. Our programs span across all ages. 

Describe a proud professional moment in parks and recreation.

During my time with the City of Olathe Parks & Recreation Department, I expanded programming in multiple areas: 

  • Expanded the Adaptive Recreation program including adding a Miracle League.
  • Created and licensed four outdoor day camps, two after-school programs and one preschool. 
  • Created the Active Agers (50+) programming division. 

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I went skydiving! I worked a summer camp in Peru.  

What are your recreational hobbies?

Right now, most of my recreational time involves running around and playing with my kids. However, dance, softball, volleyball and fitness classes were where you could find me prior to becoming a parent.


Published Oct. 11, 2021