Meet the Market staff: Hailey Tassone

Meet the Farmers Market staff: Hailey Tassone
Posted on 06/07/2023
smiling woman at Farmers Market info booth

Returning for a second season at the Lenexa Farmers Market, Hailey Tassone is always ready to lend a helpful hand. You will often find her at the info booth assisting customers or getting musicians set up for their performance.  

Hailey's official title is Farmers Market and senior program coordinator. During the week, she also helps manage Lenexa Parks & Recreation senior activities and trips beyond her duties at the Market.  


Learn more about Hailey through this Q&A: 

What are your hobbies?

I love to bake different goodies for friends and family. I make mostly desserts, but I'd love to branch out to make some more savory foods. I'm also a huge plant nerd, so I love finding cool houseplants to add to my collection (hoard!).

Favorite thing to make from the Farmers Market?

That's a hard question. I like to cook, so I'm always looking for new things to make with the ingredients around. I recently went on a pie-baking spree with fresh strawberries and rhubarb. I'm obsessed. 

I also enjoy getting fresh eggs to fry up at home. Duck eggs are just amazing. Great for baking if you've never tried them. In a zucchini bread, they just makes it so moist and delicious. 

Favorite pet?

I love pretty much all animals, but I am definitely a cat person. My cat likes to be babied and carried around and I can’t resist her fluffy little hugs. This definitely doesn't stop me from wanting to pet all the dogs that come by the booth at the Market though.

Favorite thing about the Market?

I have always loved farmers markets, so it's just amazing I ended up working for one, especially as great as Lenexa's is. It has such a homey feeling to it. I get to connect with all the vendors and the people that come to Market.

Favorite Market buys?

Since I'm here for (almost) every Market, it is so hard to resist my favorites. Fresh produce is always wonderful (getting my rhubarb fix from JET Produce and Meats currently!). I also love some good market snacks. Pastries from Fox and Bull Baking Co. (their scones are amazing!) or my coffee fix of the morning from Brew Haha Coffeehouse. Some pastelitos for later from Beky Food. Yum.

What brought you to Lenexa?

I currently live in Overland Park, but when I was looking for places to intern for my horticulture degree, one of my favorite professors told me about Lenexa's Farmers Market. I was so excited and grateful for the opportunity here. Now I just absolutely love Lenexa and I'm looking to move here sometime this year.

How many different types of fruit and vegetable earrings do you have?

Too many! If you see me at the Market info booth, I do tend to wear many different fruit & vegetable earrings. I like to color coordinate with my Market shirts, or if my favorites are in season I'll wear those too. Radishes, lemons, all sorts.

I also like to mix it up with some of the earrings my favorite artists of the Market have made. Just something fun for market days!

Published June 7, 2023