New trail snow removal program kicks off

New trail snow removal program kicks off
Posted on 01/31/2022

Lenexa’s popular trail system is going to be easier to navigate in the winter, as crews are now removing snow from trails and school crossings.

Over the years, many residents have requested that the City of Lenexa remove snow from multi-purpose trails and trails within parks. Lenexa ordered the equipment needed to clear its trails in mid-2021, and it arrived in early 2022.

Snow removal on trails will begin after the snow event has ended and all streets and public buildings are cleared. During snow events, all Parks and Recreation maintenance staff are assigned to a street or public facility snow removal route. These duties will continue to take priority over trail snow removal.

Trail snow removal will take place during normal working hours on weekdays.

Staff will make a judgment call on whether or not to remove snow from trails with each winter weather event. If forecast weather conditions indicate the snow will melt on its own with 48 hours of a snow event, we will likely not remove the snow.

Trails will not be treated with ice melt, so pedestrians should keep an eye out for areas of ice and refreezing in shady locations or areas with poor drainage.

As part of this program, staff will also clear school crossings to make walking to school safer for students. Snow removal will take place at crossings close to schools where a crossing guard would typically be posted.

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Published Jan. 31, 2022