Often-overlooked code violations

Often-overlooked code violations
Posted on 08/20/2020

Property codes help maintain a safe, attractive community. And while it may seem obvious that you can't have a dead tree falling over in your yard, some code rules are a little less intuitive.

Here are five often-overlooked code violations that our Community Standards officers commonly spot or get complaints about.

  • Keep a 3-foot clearance around fire hydrants. While you may be tempted to landscape around your hydrant with flowers or other materials, it's important to keep the hydrant as easily accessible and visible as possible in the event of an emergency. 
  • Firewood must be neatly stacked, behind the front building line and 3 feet away from the property line.
  • Ensure your address numbers are clearly visible from the street. It's recommended that your address numbers be at least 4 inches tall and displayed over the garage, if your home has a garage. Address numbers should also be illuminated during nighttime.
  • Portable storage containers are only permitted in driveways for a 30-day period. They may not obstruct sidewalks or the right of way. The maximum allowable size for these containers is 160 square feet with an overall length not to exceed 20 feet or height of 8 feet.
  • Trees that are near the sidewalk must be trimmed to maintain 8 feet of clearance above the sidewalk. The National Arbor Day Foundation says light pruning and removal of dead wood can be done any time of year, but they recommend avoiding pruning during fall for better tree health.

Published August 20, 2020