Overlooked summertime safety tips

Overlooked summertime safety tips
Posted on 05/24/2023

As the weather warms, you’re like spending more time outdoors and away from home. Consider these safety recommendations from the Lenexa Police Department.

Do you park your car in a driveway or carport?

When parking your vehicle at night, remove valuables like electronics, firearms, tools, bags and backpacks. These are the most sought items by burglars.

Will your child be staying home alone?

Do they know what to do during an emergency? Ask your children these important questions before you decide to leave them home by themselves.

  • Can they get out of the house if there was a fire? Do they know multiple ways to escape?
  • Can they call 911 and provide their address to the dispatcher?
  • Do they know not to open the door for unknown people?
  • Do they know how to contact you or another trusted adult if they need to?

Visiting a park or trail?

Daytime car burglars frequently target parking lots at city parks and walking trails, looking specifically for purses left inside cars. Lock your purse in the trunk, leave it at home, or – as a last resort – conceal it in the rear-most part of the vehicle.

Be seen! If biking, jogging or walking after dark, wear bright or reflective clothing to be more visible to motorists.

Published May 24, 2023