Pavement improvements coming to more neighborhoods

Pavement improvements coming to more neighborhoods
Posted on 09/20/2017

Several Lenexa neighborhoods will soon enjoy improved streets as favorable bid pricing will allow nearly 200,000 square yards of additional surface treatment work to be completed within the 2017 Pavement Management Program’s $7.5 million budget.

The Lenexa City Council approved a change order for additional work through the Pavement Management Program at its meeting Sept. 19, which will allow an ultra-thin bonded asphalt surface to be applied in the Century Estates (II, West and South), County Fair, Lackman Place, Lenexa West and Quivira Meadows neighborhoods.

Ultra-thin bonded asphalt surface (UBAS), which consists of a thin, course aggregate mix placed over a special asphalt membrane, has been used to extend the life of more than 100 lane miles of residential streets in Lenexa so far this year. UBAS is long-lasting and can be installed quickly.

The streets selected for this project were granite-sealed in 2016. When staff made the decision to use granite seal in these neighborhoods, there was concern that these roads would not hold up to the strain caused by the heavy equipment used in typical pavement management operations.

Since that time, UBAS has been successfully applied on roads in comparable conditions. Staff feels that this treatment method will provide these neighborhoods with a more desirable street surface that improves ride quality and extends the life of the road.

Crews have begun milling off the top ¾” of pavement in portions of these neighborhoods, which is soon followed by the application of UBAS. Work will move quickly. Residents will be notified of work in advance by signs and door hangers and be asked to move parked vehicles off of the street.