Reap the Rewards of Smart Lawn and Garden Care

Reap the Rewards of Smart Lawn and Garden Care
Posted on 04/16/2019

From the low-maintenance beauty of native flowers to the easy convenience of using a rain barrel for watering, there are plenty of reasons to try projects and plants that help naturally treat rain runoff at your home – and Lenexa’s Cost Share Program can help you get started with free money!

Through this program, funded by a grant from Johnson County Stormwater Management and matching city dollars, we will reimburse you up to 75% of your costs for eligible items related to:

  • Native plants and trees, which require little water, fertilizer or pesticides, replenish groundwater, attract pollinators and have diverse aesthetic appeal.

  • Rain gardens, shallow depressions filled with native plants which help absorb water and prevent flooding.

  • Rain barrels and cisterns, which capture rain runoff from your roof to provide a free supply of water for lawn and garden care.

  • Permeable pavers, which allow water to seep into the ground and reduce runoff from your property.

Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum reimbursement is $110 per rain barrel and $1,500 for other eligible projects.

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Published April 16, 2019