Safety tips for traveling around town this summer

Safety tips for traveling around town this summer
Posted on 04/29/2019

Summertime brings more people to our streets, sidewalks and trails. Follow these basic tips to help keep yourself and others safe!

Cyclist safety tips

  • Ride with traffic.

  • It’s OK to ride on sidewalks in Lenexa.

  • At driveway and street crossings, watch for turning traffic.

  • Obey all traffic signs, signals, lane markings, etc.

  • When on trails, watch for pedestrians.

  • Always wear a helmet.

Driver safety tips

  • Before making a turn, look for pedestrians and bicyclists.

  • Don’t drive distracted.

  • Yield to pedestrians and cyclists in crosswalks whether marked or unmarked.

  • Treat bicyclists as slow-moving cars. Slow down and pass when it’s safe to do so, leaving at least three feet of space when passing.

  • Be patient, and drive the speed limit.

  • Use caution when driving near children or pedestrians. They may not see you. Be prepared to stop.

Pedestrian safety tips

  • Walk defensively.

  • Always walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, walk as close to the edge of the road as possible, facing traffic.

  • Wear brightly colored clothing.

  • Don’t assume vehicles will stop for you.

  • Cross the road at marked crosswalks or intersections.

  • Look before you cross the road.

  • Obey traffic signals: Walk and Don’t Walk signs.

  • Watch for turning vehicles. Make sure the driver sees you and will stop for you.

  • Never jump out in front of cars, even if at a marked crosswalk. Wait for an acceptable gap before crossing the street.

Published April 29, 2019