Snow season self-help

Snow season self-help
Posted on 12/05/2019
A man and a child looking at a snowman in the yardGive yourself peace of mind during winter storms this season by knowing how we tackle snow removal, how you can help the streets get cleared more efficiently, and how you can prevent common winter weather nuisances.

In any winter storm, it’s a good idea to stay home and give crews plenty of time to clear the streets.

Don’t stress if your street hasn’t been plowed yet

Lenexa snow crews first focus on clearing major streets with high traffic volumes to enable safe access for fire, ambulance and police services. Lower-traffic neighborhood streets are plowed once the main roads are clear. It’s our goal to have snow and ice removed from all city streets within 48 hours after a storm has ended.

Each winter storm is unique. The density and depth of snow, temperatures before and after the storm, winds and equipment availability all impact the amount of time it takes to clear roadways. As a result, it may take snow crews longer to reach your neighborhood in some winter weather events.

Always allow 48 hours after a winter storm has ended before reporting a missed street. To report a missed street, call 913.477.7880.

Protect your property

Curb locations can be difficult to spot in deep or drifting snow. Place a marker like a survey flag behind the back of your curb to help our drivers prevent lawn damage. You can pick up free flags at the Municipal Services Service Center, 7700 Cottonwood St.

If you’re building a snowman or a snow fort, keep it away from the curb and avoid using snow banks on the edge of the road. Plows often return to push snow piles back to the curb.

If there’s a fire hydrant near your property, remember to shovel it out so firefighters can quickly reach it in the event of an emergency at your home or a neighbor’s house.

Drive carefully around plows

Give snow plows plenty of space. Stay at least 30 feet (about four car lengths) behind a truck so the driver can see you — if you can’t see the driver in his mirrors, he can’t see you. Avoid passing or driving alongside these trucks.

Prevent windrows

Snow plow trucks often push a windrow (or pile) of snow against the curb and in front of your driveway. It’s unavoidable, as the plows have to remove snow from the center of the road. Try to clear windrows quickly before the snow refreezes and becomes difficult to move.

You can help reduce the appearance of windrows by piling snow on the left side of your driveway and shoveling an inlet on the right side. This allows much of the windrow to be pushed into the inlet.

In Lenexa’s 500+ cul-de-sacs, there’s little curb space where crews can push the snow. As a result, there may be large piles of snow in the cul-de-sac.

Help plows reach your curb

Park vehicles in your driveway and remove structures like portable basketball goals. Obstacles in the road slow down snow removal.

Never shovel snow back into the street. Scoop snow to the sides of your driveway.

Published on Dec. 5, 2019