Tom Nolte to adjourn from City Council

Tom Nolte to adjourn from City Council
Posted on 10/16/2023
Council Member Tom Nolte

Ward 2 City Council Member Tom Nolte is about to attend his last few Lenexa City Council meetings. Earlier this year, Nolte announced he would not file for reelection after 28 years on the Council. 

“I am thankful for Tom’s many years of dedicated service to Lenexa,” said City Manager Beccy Yocham. “As an architect and businessman, Tom provides a thoughtful and unique perspective on issues. I have learned a great deal from Tom throughout my time with the City, and I will miss having him on the City Council.”

Nolte moved to Lenexa in 1983 and soon became involved in a number of local organizations. Before his time on the Council, Nolte served on the Lenexa Planning Commission, Johnson County Transportation Commission, Lenexa Safety Commission, Lenexa Parkland Acquisition Committee, Lenexa Rotary Club and several professional organizations. 

Nolte was first elected to the Lenexa City Council in 1995 and has been reelected in all subsequent elections. Over his next 28 years in office, Nolte was involved in many projects and planning efforts that shaped Lenexa’s future. 

“I took office in April of 1995 when Mayor Joan Bowman was instituting a new program called Vision 2020,” Nolte recalled. “This program was very successful in getting the citizens of Lenexa to look forward and discuss the possibilities for Lenexa’s future and be involved in resolutions. Great ideas and forecasting came from each of these groups that was then combined into a comprehensive document that became the guiding light for the city department heads and governing leadership.

“A second successful program developed during my time on the council is Rain to Recreation. This is a fantastic program that solved many expensive engineering issues Lenexa was facing in dealing with stormwater management. The community backed a tax with voter approval that allowed Lenexa to invest in its streamways and provide great resources for lakes and community areas. Just another example of dealing with a tremendous problem and creating innovative solutions with creative results.”

Nolte has the longest Council service of the eight members on Lenexa’s City Council. 

“I would strongly advise anyone that is interested in participating in the City Council process to regularly attend council meetings, as there is much to learn about the process of the business of city government,” Nolte said. “Having that exposure provides a solid basis for their future success. The elected candidate’s first council meeting should not be when they are sworn into office. The effort city staff spends in trying to educate and inform the council to a knowledgeable position so that the governing body can provide the needed ‘policy and procedure’ for city government. 

“After 28 years, I am still learning, as there is much to know.”

Published Oct. 16, 2023