Why are building permits important?

Why are building permits important?
Posted on 04/27/2023

You probably know a building permit ensures that your project meets City Codes and is required by local laws. But why does that benefit you?

Building codes help keep you, your family and visitors safe.

Codes help ensure that the right materials are used, that your hot water isn’t too hot and that your pools have appropriate suction covers and gates so someone doesn’t drown.

Codes take into account issues that you may not think about when planning a project – like hazards during a serious emergency. They ensure entrances and exits are big enough for firefighters and police with bulky gear can get to you or get out of your home, or stairs don’t collapse too soon during a fire.

Permits ensure that licensed contractors are doing the work, if you aren’t doing it yourself.

Contractors who apply for permits in Lenexa must have appropriate licenses for the work they’re doing, like a Johnson County Contractors License, Lenexa Business License or Kansas Roofing Registration. This helps ensure that your project is handled by a legitimate business with staff familiar with our codes.

Permits can make it easier for you to plan your project – and avoid redoing work.

As part of your permit application, you provide details about the project – like the type of material you’re planning to use, the project’s dimensions and location – that can flag potential code concerns before you start work. This can prevent you from having to redo work later. The permit process helps you plan for inspections at appropriate times so that the work is meeting those minimum standards.

Permits can help you keep insurance on your property.

Many insurance companies contact us to ensure permits were obtained and inspections performed when work was done – so they protect their interest.

Check out these handy resources

At Lenexa.com/Remodeling, you’ll find helpful guides to plan a number of projects. We recently finished several videos that walk you through planning some of the most popular projects residents take on themselves – including a video on building permit basics.

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Published April 27, 2023