Writing a standout resume

Writing a standout resume
Posted on 07/05/2023

Interested in applying to work for the City of Lenexa? These resume tips from our Human Resources staff can help you get noticed by recruiters and land a rewarding new career (maybe even with the City of Lenexa)!

The Basics

  • Keep it simple and easy to read.
  • Proofread! Check for accuracy, typos and grammatical errors. Proofread again before uploading your resume.
  • Keep it to one page. Unless you have a lot of experience in the specific career field, keep your resume short and direct. 
  • Start your resume with an eye-catching headline. Provide a one-line description of why you’re the perfect person for the job.

Make Your Skills Shine

  • Your skills can be what you’ve learned from previous jobs and/or extracurricular activities, clubs and organizations.
  • Incorporate words that match your skills from the job posting and job description into your resume. Some companies use software to scan for specific keywords relevant to the job.
  • Ensure your skills and accomplishments connect with the responsibilities of the position you’re applying for.

Fine-Tune Your Experience

  • List the organizations you’ve worked for and when you worked there.
  • Highlight recent and relevant experience over the past 10-15 years.
  • Update your resume to target the specific job you’re applying for by highlighting former positions that best match the skills required for the position.
  • Highlight specific achievements, and try to quantify them with numbers. Example: “Completed more than 50 sales daily with a 5% profit.”
  • Think beyond your job duties. Include examples of accomplishments in previous positions. The best resumes highlight a candidate’s actions and results.
  • If you’re early in your career and don’t have prior experience, include extracurricular activities. For example, highlight a role in an activity to showcase leadership skills.


  • Check your email, voicemail and text messages often to see if the hiring manager or recruiter has reached out.
  • List social media profiles.

Discover a Fulfilling Career in Local Government

Working in local government for the City of Lenexa, you’ll contribute to rewarding projects that directly impact the community we serve. A public service career can begin in many different departments like Parks & Recreation, Police, Fire, Information Technology, Human Resources or Public Works. Our employees are dedicated to the organization’s core values: integrity, service, teamwork, dedication, vision and caring.

Interested in being part of our team? Check out current openings at Lenexa.com/Jobs.

Published July 5, 2023