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Car burglary trends and prevention

Car burglary trends and prevention
Posted on 10/26/2020

Over the last several months, Lenexa and Johnson County have experienced an increase in car burglaries. There are two particular trends the Lenexa Police Department has seen. 

Unlocked cars broken into during overnight hours in residential neighborhoods. Because the car is unlocked, the suspect simply enters the vehicle and steals valuables that have been left there. Top items stolen include purses, electronics and firearms. 

  • Prevention tips: Take valuables inside at night, and lock your car door. We rarely see cars broken into that didn't have valuables visible from the outside. In other words, burglars don't typically break into a car just to search for valuables; they could see what they wanted to steal from the outside. We've also seen an increase in garage door openers getting stolen from cars parked in residential driveways. We recommend taking garage door openers inside with you, or hiding them out of sight. 

Locked cars broken into during daytime hours at parks and walking trails. In most cases, purses are left visible inside the car and the burglar breaks the car window to steal the purse. 

  • Prevention tip: If you plan to visit a park or a walking trail, leave your purse at home and take your driver's license with you in your pocket. As an alternative, you can lock your purse in the trunk of your car. Make sure you do this at home, out of sight of potential thieves. 

Published October 26, 2020