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Holiday entertaining with Public Market merchants

Holiday entertaining with the Public Market merchants
Posted on 11/18/2020

As 2020 comes to a close, celebrating with sprawling turkey dinner buffets and houses packed to the rafters with party guests is probably not a good idea.

But that doesn’t mean you’re in for a humdrum holiday season. Take it from the small business owners at the Lenexa Public Market — smaller celebrations can be extra special! They also bring the focus of the season back to family, close friends and food.

To help your celebrations shine, our merchants shared some expert entertaining advice and their recommendations for memorable meals and gifts.

Kelly Acock
The Flower Market
Embrace new and old traditions: For smaller in-home gatherings during the holidays, it’s all about keeping and maybe creating a few new traditions this year! The small special things are what creates the memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s a special coffee together, a favorite dish, matching T-shirts, a funny tea towel you can giggle over or a Pickwick candle burning, make memories!
Share the love with local products: Pickwick candles are our number one seller! They are a locally sourced product and last for 60 hours. The holiday scents are so fabulous and really set the mood. We will be getting in the Home Sweet MaHomes scent soon for the holidays. Go Chiefs! We also have KC towels, locally sourced socks and other items. We love KC!

Rob Arnold
We Got Your Back Apparel
Cheerful check-ins: Even when you can’t meet in person, use Zoom and Facetime as much as possible. Check up on people that you don’t see in person anymore, just to make sure they are doing well.
Fan favorite gifts:
We Got Your Back Apparel has something for every fan — not just sports, but movies, TV shows and more.
Family favorite dish: He recommends cooking creamed corn for the holidays. It’s a staple item in his family dinners — Rob uses a recipe passed down from his grandmother.

Ale de la Fuente
Red Kitchen
Serve up memories: I always like to bring the food that they enjoy the most and let them know what memories I have with that food, or hear what they remember when they tried it for the first time or last time they ate it. That brings good memories to them like a good song.
I was also thinking of make small albums with family or friends with pictures where we are all happy and together to remind them that they are not alone, they are loved and important for me. A lot of people are going through depression or feel lonely. I think it is a good idea to reach out to those people with pictures, memories and future plans to have a reason to be happy.
Flavorful gifts for now and later: I love to make pozole and tamales. Both are hearty foods, and tamales will keep in the freezer for a later time. I also like to give a bag of Caramelo tortillas and salsa that people can make their own breakfast burritos with.

Sohalia Humayon
Sohaila’s Kitchen
Stay safe: Fortunately, we don’t have to wear masks at home. Keep it limited to immediate family members. Be safe when you go out.
Cozy carryout option: Butter chicken is an ideal dish for winter with warm spices and flavors. We also offer catering.

Kate Smith
Kate Smith Soiree and – coming soon – Butterfield’s Bakery and Market
Food-focused festivities: Intimate gatherings can be even more special than a big holiday party! With any gathering, food is the one thing people get the most excited about. Make sure you make all of the family favorites to make it an extra-special occasion. Hosting family? Ask them to bring their must-have holiday dish!
Finishing touch: Every good meal ends with dessert! We will have a variety of holiday desserts available for pre-order. Check out our website for more info!

Katie Liu Sung
Quick tip: Plan your meal with pre-prepped dishes, so at the time the most you want to do is have to heat stuff up.
Easy gift idea: Chewology offers gift cards, so you can treat someone to the gift of gyoza.

Chad Talbott
Topp’d Pizza + Salads
Keep your holidays simple. Rediscover that the season is more about the importance of the contact you have in life. This is a great time to reflect on ourselves and not get caught up in the commercialized aspects of our society. We have been given a stressful year, let’s not stress ourselves out more!
Easy as (pizza) pie: We make all of our food from scratch to order. I would suggest grabbing curbside takeout for your family from us or buying a few gift cards!

Published November 18, 2020