New Comprehensive Plan nears approval process

New Comprehensive Plan nears approval process
Posted on 02/29/2024

A draft of the City of Lenexa’s new Comprehensive Plan is ready for City leaders and the public to review . Once approved, it will guide development and land uses in Lenexa over the next 20 years.

Download the draft Comprehensive Plan (PDF)

Next steps

Over 50 people attended a public open house on March 27 to weigh in on the draft plan.

The Planning Commission and City Council are scheduled to review the draft plan at a joint meeting on April 23, 2024. This meeting will be for study and discussion purposes only, with no formal action taken.

A public hearing on the proposed Comprehensive Plan is planned for the June 3 Planning Commission meeting. The Planning Commission will then formally vote to recommend approval of the Plan or ask staff to make additional changes.

After the Planning Commission votes, the City Council will consider adopting the new Comprehensive Plan. This item is tentatively planned for the Council’s June 18 meeting. Like the Planning Commission, they can ask for additional changes to be made before adopting the Plan.

Once the Comprehensive Plan is adopted, City staff and elected officials will use it as one tool to analyze development proposals and begin considering adoption of its policy recommendations. Any new or adapted policies, like those requiring changes to the City’s Development Code, will need to go through a formal approval process. This would include review and action by the Planning Commission and/or City Council, as well as public input.

Why is the Comprehensive Plan important?

The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s official policy guide for future growth and development. It informs decisions about zoning and development by establishing community goals and key recommendations to guide potential code amendments. It helps to ensure land uses, capital improvements and growth complement the community’s vision.

Many people and professions benefit from a strategic Comprehensive Plan.

  • City staff, the Planning Commission and the City Council use the Comprehensive Plan to analyze any development proposals brought to the City. By having a cohesive vision for how Lenexa will develop, City officials can responsibly plan for future roads, utilities, facilities and other infrastructure.
  • A Comprehensive Plan helps citizens to have expectations about how development may occur. It’s a useful tool to understand the community’s priorities, potential future projects and what types of uses areas of land may have in the long term.
  • Developers and the business community review the Comprehensive Plan to prepare for projects. The plan gives them insight into what types of land uses and buildings would be supported in different areas.

Building a new plan

In summer 2021, the City of Lenexa started work with a consultant team from Houseal-Lavigne on a new Comprehensive Plan that would build off the extensive community engagement and goalsetting of the Vision 2040 process and other area plans.
Public workshops, stakeholder focus groups and a community questionnaire further honed in on the community’s goals and expectations for land use. Find reports from each stage of the process at

Updated April 11, 2024