Spring outdoor to-do list

Spring outdoor to-do list
Posted on 03/11/2024
man and woman pruning bushes in yard

Check off these tasks this spring to avoid common code violations and keep your property well maintained. 

  • Take advantage of early spring weather to walk around your property and do a quick exterior inspection. Taking care of maintenance problems early can save you money and effort in the long run. 
  • Check for animal holes in your siding and trim, and repair them.

  • Give your fence and mailbox a good shake to make sure they’re stable.

  • Walk out the street and make sure you can see your address numbers from the road.

  • Identify a good place to store your trash and recycling bins behind the front of your building line.

  • Clean out your gutters. Clogged gutters can cause wood rot and standing water around your foundation, which can require expensive repairs.

  • Trim your trees and shrubs. Make sure there is 8 feet of clearance above nearby sidewalks to protect passersby. Check for hanging or dead limbs, especially on trees near your house or close to neighboring properties.

Published March 11, 2024