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Meet the vendor: Three Bears Bakery & BBQ

Meet the vendor: Three Bears Bakery & BBQ
Posted on 05/01/2019
Natalie and Jabin Olds with sonNatalie and Jabin Olds have brought their new business, Three Bears Bakery & BBQ, to the Lenexa Farmers Market this season.

The first thing you need to know is that Jabin Olds fell in love with science after his seventh grade teacher showed his class a video on careers in science. Jabin knew then and there that he wanted to pursue a career in food science. In college, Jabin planned to double major in food science and bakery science, but after bakery science hooked him, he never looked back. He has a bakery science degree and has worked in recipe research and development for 12 years. 

And here’s how Three Bears Bakery came to life. In 2017, Natalie and Jabin Olds were on a four-hour drive home from Natalie’s hometown when she announced that they were going to try a low-carb ketogenic diet for four weeks. A year and a half later, the two are still following the diet and have collectively lost 180 pounds.
Throughout this peiod, Natalie and Jabin were frustrated by the lack of available low-carb bakery items. There isn’t much offered locally, and shipping is expensive for online low-carb bakery products. It’s a good thing Jabin has that background in bakery science and recipe development. Rather than giving up on sandwiches, cookies and sweets, he and Natalie set out to create their own. Natalie admits she could barely bake a cookie when they started, but now she and Jabin bake alongside one another. 

After baking for family and friends, Natalie and Jabin decided to go all in. Earlier this year, they turned their side gig into a business called Three Bears Bakery & BBQ. They are seeking to fill the need for locally made low-carb, keto-friendly baked goods. The couple says the products they sell are simply what they have developed over the last year and a half for their own consumption. 

Three Bears Bakery runs a monthly menu. They offer mini loaf cakes (currently lemon poppy seed and blueberry streusel), cookies (currently coconut macadamia nut) and their black bear bread. The bread looks and feels like a whole grain bread. But instead of the carb-filled grains, it has lots of chia and flax seeds. They will also offer the mini cake flavors as “bear bites” that Natalie says are like a cross between pancakes and doughnut holes. They offer customers a say in the upcoming flavors for mini cakes and cookies. You can vote for next month’s flavors on their Facebook page (where you can drool over Natalie’s product photos).  

Three Bears Bakery uses real food — butter, lemons, organic fibers and protein that are mostly non-genetically modified organisms. Natalie and Jabin are all about “what we are putting in our mouth?” They say they are strict on their diet and are happy that other people who want to follow a low-carb diet don’t have to sacrifice a sandwich anymore. 

When they started their business, Natalie and Jabin were also working on a line of low-carb BBQ subs and sauces. There bakery side of the business has taken off and their focus is currently on that, but in the near future, they plan on bringing their BBQ line to market.

Published May 1, 2019