Meet the vendor: Fox & Bull Baking Co.

Meet the vendor: Fox & Bull Baking Co.
Posted on 09/14/2021
Christopher Fox Wilson and Daniel Toro holding breakfast pizza

Fox & Bull Baking Co. is one of the newest additions to the Lenexa Farmers Market, baking up fresh treats for you to enjoy and share with your family. You will find sourdough breads, cinnamon rolls, pop-tarts and scones.

Christopher Fox Wilson and Daniel Toro (Spanish for bull), are the owners and namesakes of the business. In late 2020, the duo decided to take a fearless leap in starting a business during the middle of a pandemic. The two make a great team, one is the baker and the other runs the business side along with helping with baking as needed.  

Baking has always been a passion for Christopher, as it was his first job in high school. He left the kitchen but kept coming back to his true desire to bake. A coffee shop approached Christopher and asked him if he would be interested in providing pastries for shop. He said yes and started baking for them immediately. He made sweet treats like cinnamon rolls, scones and pop-tarts. He also started making breakfast sandwiches, experimenting with breads and croissants. 

Shortly afterwards, Daniel and Christopher were introduced by the coffee shop owner. Daniel had recently finished school with a degree in business and psychology and started helping at the coffee shop after graduation. He worked to help Christopher expand his baked goods to a second location. Daniel then asked Christopher if he wanted to start a bakery business, and Christopher agreed it would be a good fit to work together. 

In the beginning, Christopher was working twice as hard by using broken-down equipment and doing everything by hand. Daniel encouraged his partner to invest in some new equipment so he could continue to make more great products. 

You can find Fox & Bull Baking Co. at the Market on Tuesdays (during the summer) and Saturdays. They continue to expand product offerings in other local coffee shops and hope to have their own kitchen facility in the future.

Published Sept. 14, 2021