Meet the vendor: The Brewkery

Meet the vendor: The Brewkery
Posted on 04/29/2021
Amy Goldman and Sean Galloway of The Brewkery

Amy Goldman and Sean Galloway of The Brewkery have commercially brewed and fermented kombucha — a fizzy sweet-and-sour drink made with tea — since 2015. Their mission is better health and well-being for everyone through natural beverages.  

Sean (originally a beer maker) and Amy (originally a sourdough bread maker) wanted to start a business together using their hobbies. They were drawn to local farmers markets and sold bread at a local farmers market. Due to regulations on alcohol sales, they were not able to sell Sean’s beer. And bread was labor intensive. 

A friend introduced them to kombucha, which is fermented much like beer. Sean and Amy decided to give kombucha a try. They spent six months doing research and set up a shared kitchen making kombucha. Sixteen months later, they were selling their kombucha at a farmers market. 

They soon branched out to grocery stores and, in April of 2017, they moved to their permanent site in North Kansas City. In 2018, they opened a taproom at their Kansas City location and left the farmers market behind to focus on their growing kombucha business. Since their location is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, they soon added food service to their taproom. Sean and Amy said they wanted the taproom to feel like a brewery and coffee shop all in one. Today they offer a small menu but their focus continues to be on kombucha. 

Sean and Amy believe in their product. When they started making and drinking kombucha, they felt healthier and were excited to share this with others. They only sell products they want to consume themselves.

To make their signature kombucha, they partner with fellow North Kansas City vendor Hugo Tea, using their teas to make a sweet tea base in 320-gallon vats. The teas are transferred to fermenters, where the SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) is added. The kombucha is fermented for 14–17 days. Sean and Amy use both taste and science to know when the kombucha is ready for the flavor to be added. They measure acidity levels, sugar concentration and organic acids. Once the ferment is deemed done, the kombucha is flavored, carbonated and canned.

The Brewkery is a two-person business that cans by hand. No big production line here. Flavor and love are put into each handcrafted batch of kombucha. 

Amy and Sean acknowledge that running a small business is challenging. They have had to learn how to become experts in many aspects of business operations, and they work hard to manage growth within their budget. 

Though Amy and Sean spend countless hours at The Brewkery, they managed to fortify their partnership and are now married! For their wedding, they created and served a special wedding brew kombucha. In addition to their business, they have four children between the two of them, two miniature Australian shepherds and find time for their hobbies. Sean plays banjo and Amy plays guitar. As serious foodies, they are always looking for new food destinations. 

Stop by the Lenexa Farmers Market on Saturdays to welcome Sean and Amy to the market and take home some of their great kombucha. The Brewkery offers four core flavors — Grape Limeade, Stone Fruit (mango and passion fruit), Hop’d and Hibiscus Rooibos — available in cans. In addition to their signature flavors, they have several limited additional flavors available on tap.