Design & Construction

To build or construct new projects or to remodel existing buildings in Lenexa, you will follow our general building and construction process outline below. Please note:

  • This is a general outline of our process, and your project may require special applications or permits.
  • Your project may not require all steps outlined in this process.
  • All projects must meet our building codes.

If you have any questions, please call our Licensing & Permitting at 913.477.7500.

Step 1: Planning process approval

During the planning approval stage, our staff will work with you to determine if the property is zoned appropriately for your proposed development and if you need a special-use permit.

During planning approval, you will also provide us with concept, preliminary and final plans, which may require approval from the Planning Commission and Lenexa City Council.

The following types of projects are examples of those that require planning approval:

  • New commercial, commercial additions or apartment construction
  • New residential subdivisions
  • Any project that changes the use or zoning of land or an existing building
  • Any commercial project that affects other properties, including exterior changes

Remodeling/addition projects on single-family dwellings and duplexes do not need planning approval. Please see our Development Guide in the resources section below for additional information.

Step 2: Permit process approval

Once the planning process approval has been completed you are ready to submit for your permit. During permit approval you will provide us with your construction drawings for one or more permits on your site. Many of the permit types are optional and not required, but allow for the convenience of timing your construction optimally for you.

The following types of projects are examples of those that require a specific permit:

  • Infrastructure improvements such as streets, stormwater, and street lights will require a Public Improvement permit
  • Any property in a flood plain will require a Flood Plain permit
  • Any work within City right of way, not covered by a Public Improvement permit will require a Right of Way permit
  • Any work to a new or existing building will require a Building permit

If you have any questions whether your construction activity requires a permit, please contact our Licensing & Permitting at 913.477.7500.