Healthy Lawns

downspout illustration

Maintaining a healthy yard is important to reducing polluted runoff that can harm the streamway system. Help keep the system clean by making some of these ideas part of your routine. With a few simple steps, you can make your lawn earth-friendly and save time and money.

  • Mow high and mow less often. Cutting your lawn higher (three to four inches tall) encourages a stronger root system and reduces evaporation.
  • Consider mulch mowing. Leaving your grass clippings on the lawn will return up to 25 percent of the needed nitrogen.
  • Landscape with native plants. Decrease the mowing area by planting native flower beds and shrubs. Native plants require little or no maintenance, and less water, fertilizer and pesticide than grass.
  • Avoid over-watering your lawn. Lawns need an average of one inch of water per week. Use a flow meter to determine the ideal rate for your lawn, and you’ll conserve water and save money on your bill.
  • Water lawns and gardens before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m. to slow down evaporation. Don’t water on windy, overcast or rainy days.
  • Compost yard waste. Composting reduces strain on our landfills, water pollution and provides a nourishing additive for your garden.
  • Follow fertilizing instructions. Read labels on lawn chemicals carefully and always apply products sparingly. Make sure you are using the correct fertilizer by having a soil test to determine what your lawn really needs. Over applying fertilizers can result in harmful runoff into our lakes and streams.
  • Skip the “P.” Phosphrous, or “P,” is a significant nutrient found polluting lakes and ponds in Lenexa. While it comes from several sources, using P-free fertilizer will help reduce its presence in our freshwater.
  • Watch where you fertilize. Use caution on slopes and keep fertilizer off sidewalks so it doesn’t wash down storm drains.
  • Time it right. Allow proper drying time for liquid chemicals, and never use lawn chemicals before a heavy rainfall.
  • Ask questions. If you utilize a lawn care service, find out if they’re following green practices.