Livestock & Poultry

Hens and chicks in a yard

Whether you can own livestock or poultry in the City of Lenexa depends on your zoning district and lot size.

Livestock and poultry are permitted in three zoning districts - Agricultural (AG), Residential Estate (RE) and Planned Residential Estate (RPE). The quantity of livestock and poultry allowed on a property is determined by the size of the lot.

Find out your property’s zoning district

If you live in a zoning district other than AG, RE or RPE, you are not allowed to own livestock or poultry. Most subdivisions in Lenexa are not zoned to permit livestock or poultry.

Read regulations including lot size and setback requirements in the City Code

If you wish to deviate from the number of animals, lot size or setback limits stated in the City Code, apply to the City of Lenexa for an annual special livestock permit(PDF, 78KB)

Special livestock permits will not be granted for any zoning districts except Agricultural (AG), Residential Estate (RE) and Planned Residential Estate (RPE).

How we define poultry and livestock

Poultry is defined as domestic fowl, such as turkeys, chickens, ducks, or geese and other birds commonly found on farms and not commonly kept in a primary residential structure, including peafowl.

Livestock is defined as domestic animals of types customarily raised or kept on farms, including:

  • horses and other equine;
  • cattle and other bovine;
  • goats, sheep and other ovine;
  • swine (pigs);
  • llamas and other camelids;
  • ostriches, emus and cassowaries;
  • miniature, dwarf or pygmy variations of all the animals listed above.

This term does not include domestic, non-farm animals as defined in the City Code.

If you have further questions about owning poultry or livestock in Lenexa, please contact Animal Control at 913.477.7385.