Old Town Lenexa

storefronts in historic Old Town Lenexa

Old Town is the original town site of Lenexa, and it remains a vital part of our community. Originally a one-block area along Santa Fe Trail Drive, Old Town Lenexa is now widely considered to include a larger area of surrounding neighborhoods. It includes businesses, civic uses, homes and churches, some of which are over 100 years old.

Octave Chanute, a civil engineer, platted in 1869. He purchased 41.5 acres near the railroad right of way from Charles A. Bradshaw, a local farmer. The Lenexa Historical Society installed marble markers on the corners of the original Lenexa plat in 1996.

A rail line owned by BNSF Railway runs through Old Town and carries upwards of 40 trains per day. In 2021, the City of Lenexa installed wayside horns to reduce noise pollution from passing trains. These stationary horns emit a targeted sound that alert drivers to approaching trains.

The City of Lenexa holds a variety of annual community events in Old Town, including Freedom Run, Community Days Parade, Moonlight Bike Ride, Food Truck Frenzy and the Lenexa Chili Challenge.

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Planning for Old Town’s future

We continue to invest in this important area of Lenexa. The Lenexa City Council accepted the A New Look at Old Town study in 2016. The study provides direction to enhance the area with a focus on placemaking and various modes of transportation.

The City will spend millions of dollars to improve the operations, programming and facility function of the aging Lenexa Community Center and Lenexa Senior Center campus located in Old Town. Construction begins in early 2024. The investment will benefit both the surrounding neighborhood and whole community for years to come.