Alarm Registration

alarm keypad with finger entering code

Alarm systems alert property owners, neighbors and emergency responders of a possible emergency. Whether silent or audible, most alarm systems also alert a remote monitoring station, which in turns notifies the police and fire departments to respond.

Register your alarm

According to Lenexa City Code, if you have an alarm system in your business or home that is set up to elicit a police or fire response, you must register it with us. Doing so helps us by providing useful information about the alarm system, the building and contact information.

  • You should register your system immediately upon installation.
  • There is no cost to register your alarm.
  • If we respond to an alarm and the system is not registered, we will charge a non-registration fee.

False alarms

False alarms caused by a mechanical or computerized system fault are common. Responding to these false alarms is a significant drain on our resources.

If you have more than two false fire alarms in a 12-month period, we will assess an incrementally increasing false alarm fee for each call.  

When to call your alarm company

If your alarm activates and you are positive there is no emergency, call your private alarm monitoring company immediately. They can verify your lack of emergency and cancel our response before we arrive on scene. Only the alarm company can cancel a responding public safety unit. This helps keep emergency resources available for real emergencies, and it can save you from incurring a false alarm charge.  

When to call 911

If there is an actual emergency, it is important that you call 911, even if your alarm is sounding and acting appropriately.

By calling 911, you can provide confirmation of the emergency and prompt a quicker emergency response. You can also tell us of any special circumstances of your location, such as the best access, hazardous materials on site or missing people.