Residential Construction

  • All residential projects must comply with our building codes.
  • All building permits expire after 180 days if no inspections are performed. A qualifying, approved inspection will extend your permit for another 180 days.
  • Permits for single family dwellings, duplexes and townhouses will also expire 2 years after issuance regardless of whether a qualifying inspection passes.

New construction permits

You can apply for a residential construction permit through our online permitting and application portal. You will be asked to provide the following information:

Detailed Residential Building Permit Guide(PDF, 359KB)

  • Construction plans sealed and signed by an architect or engineer licensed in Kansas. These will be used in your residential plan review.
  • A copy of your sewer or septic permit from either Johnson County Wastewater or Johnson County Department of Health & Environment.
  • Legal plot plan, signed and sealed by a civil engineer or land surveyor registered in Kansas. This must include the property’s address, legal description, property dimensions, contour lines, proposed structures, distances to property lines, building lines, location of outside utilities, easements, rights-of-way, retaining walls and decks.
  • Square footage of the first and second floors, garage, basement and decks.
  • Current applicable county contractor’s licenses from general and sub-contractors.
  • Lenexa business license

Additions/remodeling improvement permits

Many remodeling projects you do at your home require building permits, including decks, fences, furnace or air conditioner replacement or additions.

Remodeling project building permit process

Plan review

As part of the building permit application process, we will conduct a plan review to ensure your project meets our building codes.