Certificates of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) certifies a building’s compliance with applicable building and zoning codes and other laws, and indicates it is in a condition suitable and safe for occupancy.

Before signing a lease or purchasing property, make sure to verify that the property's zoning will allow your type of business. Review the City's Zoning Map and code or contact a city planner at planning@lenexa.com at 913.477.7725.

Not all projects require a Certificate of Occupancy, but some that do require one are:

  • New commercial structures
  • Tenant Improvement of a new occupied space
  • Tenant Improvement of an existing space (new tenant)
  • Remodel of existing space that involves a change in the occupancy type
  • Change of ownership and/or change in name of business

Getting Started

  1. Request an application by calling 913.477.7725 or by email to permits@lenexa.com
  2. Complete all fields on application
  3. Submit with $100 application fee to permits@lenexa.com 

Commercial Certificate of Occupancy applications that include new or existing Storage (S), Mercantile (M), Hazardous (H), and Factory (F) facilities also require an Owners Information Certificate (OIC). An OIC, along with written confirmation from a design professional are used to determine potential storage limitations, storage configurations and/or the need and design criteria for a sprinkler system. 

If hazardous materials will be stored or used within the building, a Hazardous Materials Inventory Summary (HMIS) must be completed by the owners representative and reviewed by the sprinkler design professional prior to submitting to staff.