Farmers Market FAQs

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What forms of payment are accepted?

There are a variety of ways to pay for products at the Lenexa Farmers Market. We'll break it down for you.

All vendors accept cash (small bills are best), and many also accept debit/credit cards or other digital payment methods.

Don't have any cash on hand? Stop by the information booth to purchase blue tokens with your credit or debit card. Every vendor accepts market tokens as payment. If you don't use them all in one day, just bring them on your next visit.

We also participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). Recipients can swipe their EBT cards to get SNAP red tokens to use for purchases in any dollar amount available on their card. They will also receive a matching amount of Double Up Food Bucks purple tokens (up to $25) that can be used to purchase fruits and vegetables. This incentive program helps low-income families eat more healthy food and supports local farmers. 

What can each type of token be used to purchase?

Market Tokens

We have three types of tokens:

Market Tokens (blue)

Purchase these with your debit or credit card. Tokens are in $1 increments, with a $5 minimum purchase. These tokens can be used to purchase any items at any vendor at the Lenexa Farmers Market.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Tokens (red)

SNAP participants can swipe their EBT cards for any dollar amount. These tokens can be used to purchase:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Honey
  • Baked goods and cereals
  • Milk, cheeses and eggs
  • Seeds and plants for food
  • Coffee beans/grounds
  • Dips, salsas and frozen foods
  • Meats and poultry
  • Nuts

Double Up Food Bucks Tokens (purple)

A matching amount of Double Up Food Bucks tokens (up to $25) will be given to SNAP participants who purchase red tokens. They can be used to purchase:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Seeds and plants for food

How can I tell where products came from?

All vendors are required to properly label their produce as Farmer Grown, Locally Grown or Regionally Grown. This will help you understand where your food is coming from and ensure that our commitment to local is being followed.

Farmer Grown (green labels)

Items labeled as Farmer Grown are grown on property that the vendor owns or leases.

Locally Grown (blue labels)

Items labeled as Locally Grown are grown 30 miles or less from the vendor's property and within 250 miles of the Lenexa Farmers Market. We require vendors to provide an invoice proving the source of that product.

Regionally Grown (orange labels)

Items labeled as Regionally Grown are grown 31 miles or more from the vendor's property and within 250 miles of the Lenexa Farmers Market. We require vendors to provide an invoice proving the source of that product.

Is organic produce available?

None of our farmers are certified organic because the process is so costly for small businesses. But some farmers have gone through the Certified Naturally Grown process. Its standards are based on the highest ideals of the organic movement.

Many of our vendors use pesticide-free practices when growing their produce. Farmers who do not spray their crops are able to label them as "no herbicide/pesticide spray." The Farmers Market manager conducts site visits for all vendors selling at the market to ensure the practices they use match how products are labeled.

Have questions about a vendor's growing practices? Ask them! They'd be happy to explain what they do.

What is the Kansas Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program?

The Kansas Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (KSFMNP) provides coupons for low-income seniors to help purchase fresh produce, herbs and local honey from authorized farmers at farmers markets in Kansas.

The Lenexa Farmers Market provides Senior Market Match Coupons to those participating in the program. Those who receive KSFMNP coupons can bring them to our information booth and receive an additional $20 to use on fresh produce at the Market. When shopping, be sure to ask which farmers are authorized.

Senior eligibility and how to apply

Where is parking available?

Garages and on-street parking options

There are 400 free parking stalls available in the parking garage on the Lenexa civic campus. The parking garage is located on Winchester Street south of eastbound 87th Street Parkway, directly south of the Lenexa Rec Center. Handicap-accessible parking is available on the second and third levels, with elevator access nearby. (Market vendors operate out of the first level of the garage.)

The Shawnee Mission School District Aquatic Center garage is also available for free parking on days when there are no swim meets. This garage is also located along Winchester Street in the median between the westbound and eastbound lanes of 87th Street Parkway, which is north of the Lenexa Rec Center.

Prefer on-street parking over a covered garage? There are free parking stalls surrounding the Lenexa civic campus along eastbound 87th Street Parkway, Winchester Street and Penrose Lane.

Directions to campus

Take 87th Street Parkway west to Winchester Street in the Lenexa City Center neighborhood. Then head south on Winchester Street. The civic campus parking garage is just past the Lenexa Rec Center on your left. 

Parking Map

Bicycle racks

If you're pedaling to the Lenexa civic campus, we've got places to park your bike. Bicycle racks are located on the west side of the Lenexa Rec Center along Winchester Street and on the east side of the Lenexa Public Market along Penrose Lane.

Where are restrooms located?

There are restrooms in the following locations:

  • On the southwest corner of the Lenexa Rec Center, with outside access.
  • Restrooms are available inside the Lenexa Rec Center and Lenexa City Hall/Lenexa Public Market when these buildings are open.

Are dogs allowed?

The Lenexa Farmers Market can be noisy and filled with people. Help us ensure the safety of everyone by leaving your dog at home. If you do choose to bring a dog, please be sure it can follow these "market manners," or you may be asked to leave.

  • Walk at your side on a short leash (4 feet or less) through a crowd.
  • Exhibit self-control and remain relaxed. Dogs should not pull, lunge or bark.
  • Can be approached by strangers and people of all ages. Remember dogs make some people anxious; keep them close to you.
  • Show manners and obedience at vendor tables. You must stay between your dog and the market booth at all times. Dogs should not go under or around tables and should be 2 feet away from vendor tables at all times.
  • Pick up after your dog. Pet-waste bags are available at the northwest corner of the parking garage.

What happens if there is inclement weather?

Since the Farmers Market is primarily located under the awning on the bottom floor of the Lenexa civic campus parking garage, events will usually be held rain or shine. If thunder or lightning is visible or audible (or other dangerous weather exists), the Market manager will determine whether it is safe to continue the Farmers Market.

For inclement weather updates, check our notification line below:

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is prohibited on Lenexa’s civic campus. There is a designated smoking area located southwest of the public parking garage.