Court Forms & Documents

The following forms and documents are used in the Municipal Court process. Please follow the instructions indicated on each form.

Community Service Log

Use this Community Service Log(PDF, 204KB) form only if you are a defendant who has appeared in court and made arrangements with the judge to perform community service in lieu of payment. You must submit this log to the court clerks for verification once complete. Submit to or fax 913.477.7619. This list of community service opportunities(PDF, 217KB) is not exhaustive as community service may be performed at any non-profit at which you are not being paid. For assistance locating a community service opportunity, please contact Uncover KC.

Discovery request form

Use this Discovery request form only if you are a defendant (or your attorney) who has been charged with an offense in Lenexa Municipal Court and wish to obtain police reports or other materials related to your pending case.

Diversion information

Below is information regarding the guidelines for diversion eligibility. The Prosecutor's Office offers a diversion program for misdemeanor violations of Lenexa City Code. If you are interested in applying for diversion you are required to appear on your court date to discuss diversion with a prosecutor.

Open records request form

If you would like to request a court-related public record, please complete this Open records request form(PDF, 239KB) and file it with the court clerk’s office by mail, email, fax or in-person:

Municipal Court
City of Lenexa, Kansas
12400 W. 87th St. Pkwy
Lenexa, KS 66215
Fax: 913.477.7619

Out-of-state attorney form

If you are an attorney who is not licensed in Kansas, you may file to practice in Lenexa Municipal Court on a case-by-case basis by filling out this form(PDF, 96KB).

Petition for expungement

You have the right to have your conviction or arrest removed from your criminal record after a certain number of years, as dictated by K.S.A. 12-4516.

When a Petition for Expungement is filed in Lenexa Municipal Court, a hearing date is scheduled. Once filed, the Petition is first forwarded to the prosecutor for review. The prosecutor reviews eligibility for expungement and determines if the City objects to the expungement. If the City objects, the parties will be expected to appear in court on the scheduled hearing date. If the City does not object, the Petition is sent to the Judge for review and consideration of granting the expungement without a hearing.

Please file a completed petition for expungement(PDF, 107KB), along with the non-refundable $50 filing fee, with the Lenexa Municipal Court. If the petition is granted, a $100 processing fee will be assessed.

Public Defender application

You have the right to have an attorney represent you. If you are unable to afford to hire an attorney, you MAY qualify for court-appointed counsel if (1) you are charged with an offense for which the court would impose a jail sentence if convicted; AND (2) you are found to be indigent. If you are charged with an offense for which the court would impose a jail sentence if convicted, you may review the United States poverty guidelines at to determine if you would be found indigent. If you believe you are indigent and would qualify for court-appointed counsel, please complete the public defender application(PDF, 311KB) and return it to the court as soon as possible.

Subpoena form

You have the right to subpoena witnesses to ensure their appearance at a trial by completing this Subpoena form(PDF, 8KB) and filing it with Lenexa Municipal Court.