Public Art

The Serpent and Swimmer public art sculptures in pond

The City of Lenexa has been building a public art collection since the early 1980s. It includes two- and three-dimensional pieces located throughout the city on public property and features artwork created by local, national and international artists.

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Art locations in Lenexa

This list only includes outdoor sculptures that are currently on display in the community. The City owns several other pieces that are located indoors at City buildings or are in storage.

Amusing Breeze

14907 W. 87th St. Pkwy.

Whimsical, colorful depiction of an abstract bicycle atop a mosaic glass ball, created by Chris Duh. Displayed along 87th Street Parkway at the Greenway entrance to Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park.

Body Politic

17201 W. 87th St. Pkwy.

Two stainless steel orbs celebrating a sense of community and the value of making personal connections in public spaces. Created by Joe O’Connell and located between the Rec Center and parking garage at the Lenexa civic campus.

Bull Ridge

just west of Fire Station 5 at 19151 Prairie Star Pkwy.

Three positives from Robert Morris’ steel piece, “Bull Wall” near the American Royal in Kansas City, Mo. Lenexa acquired this art in 1999 and relocated it to its current home in 2015.

Frenzied Flight

87th Street Parkway & Penrose Lane

Bronze abstract depiction of three birds in flight, fighting for the same fish. Created by Lenexa artist Robin Richerson, this piece is located in the cascading pools within Central Green Park.


14907 W. 87th St. Pkwy.

Bronze sculpture depicting a grandfather making old-fashioned ice cream. The piece represents three men from artist Robert M. Morlan’s family: his grandfather, father and himself. Displayed near the gazebo at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park.

Na Nex Se

17101 W. 87th St. Pkwy.

Bronze piece of Lenexa’s namesake was dedicated in 2004 in honor of Lenexa’s former mayor, Joan Bowman. The piece was created by Kwan Wu. Displayed at the Lenexa civic campus between City Hall and the Johnson County Library.


14907 W. 87th St. Pkwy.

Copper sculpture abstract female form swimming in the pond at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park. Created by David Hickman.

Team Illusion

95th Street, east of Lackman Road

Six red, white and blue painted sculptures in simplified bicycle forms suspended on poles to create the illusion of a team of bicyclists riding along the trail. Created by David B. Hickman.

The Hunt

83rd Street Trail, west of Pflumm Road

Life-sized steel art created by Courtney Newcomer, depicts a horse and hunting dogs along the 83rd Street trail.

The Jogger

13420 Oak St.

Steel sculpture of a runner, created by Arli Regier. Currently in storage due to construction at the Lenexa Community Center.

The Serpent

14907 W. 87th St. Pkwy.

Welded steel sculpture of a serpent, located on the small island in Rose's Pond at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park. Created by J. Derek Arnold.

Wash Day

14907 W. 87th St. Pkwy.

Bronze sculpture with a warm bronze patina featuring a woman doing the wash. Art was created by Fred J. Darpino. Displayed near Legler Barn Museum in Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park.


12500 W. 87th St. Pkwy.

Bronze sculpture of a soaring eagle, created by Patti Stajcar. Currently in storage while the new Justice Center is under construction.


About "Body Politic"

Watch an interview with "Body Politic" artist Joe O'Connell from Creative Machines. He explains the meaning behind the figures cut out of two interactive stainless steel orbs that grace Lenexa's civic campus.

About "Splash"

Watch an interview with artist Shan Shan Sheng, who describes how the "Splash" sculpture was created to activate the entrance of the Lenexa Rec Center.

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