Two foxes by water

Urban and suburban wildlife is a reality, but the key to avoiding problems on your property is to not let them become comfortable. Our Animal Control team will only respond to wildlife calls if the animal is sick or injured, inside your home or is an immediate public threat.

Lenexa is home to both coyotes and foxes, and we have received an increasing number of calls regarding them.


Our Animal Control officers can offer guidance and suggestions for dealing with wildlife, but you can also consult the following resources:

Tips to stay safe and keep coyotes and foxes away

  • Cats and small dogs can resemble the natural prey of coyotes and foxes, so you should not allow small animals outside unattended.
  • If you see a coyote or fox, act aggressively - wave your arms, throw something or make loud noises.
  • To discourage them from your property, use repellents such as motion-activated lights, sprinkler systems and garden hoses.
  • Remove food sources. Coyotes and foxes are attracted to things such as pet food containers, unsecured garbage cans, exposed compost piles, vegetable gardens, fish ponds, fruit trees and bird feeders.
  • Use chicken wire to cover your gardens and plants.
  • Eliminate their access to shelter by closing all openings under and around your home so they cannot use those spaces to create a den for their young.