Planning Toolkit

This section includes several planning-related resources that you can use as a starting point for planning applications. We encourage you to ask questions; please call 913.477.7500 or email to speak with a planner or schedule a meeting to discuss specifics about your potential application.

Permit & Application Portal

Submit development applications and permits through our portal.

Unified Development Code

Our Unified Development Code contains all zoning and subdivision development regulations. It helps preserve and improve the public health, safety and general welfare of our residents and helps us meet regulatory aspects of our Comprehensive Plan.

Zoning & Future Land Use Map

Zoning and Future Land Use Map

This map allows you to search for properties in Lenexa and find out what the land is zoned for, such as residential, commercial or industrial uses. The map also includes the anticipated future land use designations from the City's Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Plan

Our Comprehensive Plan is the official guide for growth and development. It includes overall principles that reflect our desired policy direction, as well as specific plans and recommendations for implementing those ideas. You are encouraged to contact staff at 913.477.7500 with any questions about the Lenexa Comprehensive Plan.

Development Guide

We created our development guide(PDF, 867KB) to help you better understand the planning application and public meeting process. Please remember that it’s only a general overview and not intended to describe everything required. It includes:

  • An outline of procedures for rezoning and special use permit applications, preliminary and final plans, and preliminary and final plats.
  • List of fees and permits required for various developments.
  • Contact information for staff involved in the development review process.
  • Submittal Deadlines(PDF, 236KB)

Design Standards

General Standards (Lenexa City Code Article 4-1-C)

Lenexa requires all development in the city to meet certain architectural design standards. Standards for single-family and duplex homes address aspects such as permanent foundations, roof design and garages/carports. Design standards for multi family, commercial, office and industrial structures are broader.

Lenexa City Center Neighborhood Design Guidelines(PDF, 6MB)

This document guides development in areas zoned CC-Planned City Center. The design success of this area depends as much on how the pieces fit together as the specifics of an individual building’s architectural style. Collectively, these standards address elements, such as the street and pedestrian system, site, building and sign design, and neighborhood streetscape elements, that go into making this area a cohesive and readily identifiable community.

Planning 101

Learn about the planning process through this Planning 101 Guide(PDF, 2MB).

Guidebook of Quality Development Strategies

Guidebook of Quality Development Strategies(PDF, 7MB)

This guidebook addresses the seven characteristics of a sustainable community, as outlined in the Mid-America Regional Council’s Sustainable Places initiative. It identifies benefits and challenges for each strategy and program and helps provide education about effective ways to implement sustainable practices.