City Overview

Lenexa from birds eye view with park and road

Lenexa, Kansas, is a suburb located in the southwest part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. One of the fastest growing cities in Kansas, nearly 60,000 people call Lenexa home.

Lenexa has been a forward-thinking place from its earliest days in the 1800s as a wagon trail stop along the Santa Fe Trail. That key route helped open new U.S. territories for economic development and settlement.

Today, Lenexa encompasses 34.45 square miles of land in Johnson County and occupies a strategic location in the metro area. Its position at the intersection of several major transportation routes has been a major factor in Lenexa’s growth and development, particularly for office and industrial development. Lenexa offers easy access to six major highways: Interstate 70, Kansas Highway 10, Interstate 35, U.S. Highway 69, Kansas Highway 7 and Interstate 435. Lenexa is a business-friendly community. Developers have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the city over the past decade.

Lenexa’s vast park system of beautiful green spaces serves as a place for people to recharge and connect. Nicknamed the City of Festivals, Lenexa knows how to celebrate its past, reflect on the present and plan for the future. It has a passion for arts and culture and an appreciation for new ideas.

The City of Lenexa operates under a mayor-council form of government with the addition of a city manager. The mayor is elected on an at-large, nonpartisan basis and serves a four-year term. The eight nonpartisan city council members are elected by ward and serve four-year terms of office. An election for Council members is held every odd-numbered year, with one representative from each of the four wards being chosen at each election.

The mayor and city council appoint the city manager as the chief administrative officer of the city.

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