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From 911 dispatchers and public service officers to animal control officers, we have 50+ full-time professional staff who are vital to the everyday functions of the Lenexa Police Department. Whether you have an interest or background in criminal justice or are eager to work for a police department, we value all employees and provide the same level of training and opportunities for sworn and non-sworn positions.

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Professional positions within the Lenexa Police Department

Animal Control Officer

Animal Control Officers (ACO) are involved in protecting persons and property from stray, wild, and dangerous animals by responding to calls for service, securing animals, enforcing ordinances, and resolving issues involving violations and complaints.


Animal Control Officer I: $40,995 - $53,489

Animal Control Officer II: $42,506 - $57,124

Animal Control Officer III: $46,148 - $62,019

Crime Analyst

Crime Analysts collect, categorize, and analyze qualitative and quantitative data pertaining to past and current criminal activity; prepare and disseminate reports using various illustrative and statistical methods; and make recommendations pertaining to existing and anticipated criminal activity to the Police Department Command Staff, the Patrol and Investigations Divisions, the City’s Management Team and Governing Body, and external agencies as appropriate.


Crime Analyst I: $54,303 - $72,979

Crime Analyst II: $59,032 - $79,334

Crime Analyst III: $64,222 - $86,309


Dispatchers answer calls for service and dispatch police officers to locations where assistance is needed based on the priority of the call and availability of field unit resources.


Dispatcher I: $46,148 - $62,019

Dispatcher II: $54,303 - $72,979

Dispatcher III: $59,032 - $79,334

Police Equipment Technician

This position is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all department weapons as well as the operation of ammunition reloading equipment. Additional responsibilities include maintaining and controlling inventory, ordering, receiving and maintaining supplies and equipment for Police Department personnel.

Salary: $40,995 - $53,489

Police Information Specialist

This position is involved in the detailed design, development, documentation and implementation of new programs and maintenance of existing programs on client/server systems, networks and personal computers, as well as the facilitation and integration of systems and applications in support of information requirements within the organization. The position requires a high degree of sophistication of interpersonal skills, a strong commitment to accuracy, and an unwavering dedication to the quality of the final products designed and implemented.

Salary: $59,032 - $79,334

Police Investigative Specialist

This position supports the police investigation function by assisting in or conducting investigative activities that do not require a commissioned officer or detective.

As directed by their supervisor or designee, employees in this position will collect evidence; process crime scenes; investigate minor crimes; support criminal and special investigations, crime prevention and the apprehension and prosecution of suspects.

Salary: $59,032 - $79,334

Police Technical Specialist

This position requires general to advanced work in the installation, repair and maintenance of a wide variety of city-owned electrical, electronic, electromechanical, mechanical, and structural equipment and fixtures. The position is further responsible for a variety of tasks relating to the maintenance of the physical plant and facilities operated by the police department.


Police Technical Specialist I: $42,506 - $57,124

Police Technical Specialist II: $46,148 - $62,019

Police Technical Specialist III: $50,000 - $67,196

Police Technical Services Supervisor: $54,303 - $72,979

Police Technical Services Manager: $69,956 - $94,016

Public Service Officer

Public Service Officers (PSO) serve as the first line of contact between the police department and citizens who come to the front lobby of our station, or who contact the department via telephone or email, seeking police–related information and/or services.PSO also serve as the primary handler and custodian of many department records and are responsible for data entry, data storage, the dissemination of information, and the fulfillment of records requests.


Public Service Officer I: $42,506 - $57,124

Public Service Officer II: $50,000 - $67,196

Public Service Officer III: $54,303 - 72,979

Public Service Officer Supervisor: $64,222 - $86,309

Video and Security Systems Technician

This position works in conjunction with members of the Police-IT work group relating to the development, maintenance and growth of the citywide video camera and access control networks.

It requires supporting the Video and Security Systems Administrator in the planning, designing, installing, configuring, maintaining, and optimizing all video and security systems hardware, software, and communication links.


Video and Security Systems Technician: $50,000 - $67,196

Video and Security Systems Administrator: $64,222 - $86,309

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