Police School Resource Officers

Police officers in a row with dog in front of school

The School Resource Unit is staffed by four officers. Our School Resource Officer's fulfill three basic functions in their school assignments: law enforcement officer (dealing with any law and safety/public order related issues), informal counselor (for students, parents and staff), and guest teacher (for instruction in law related educations, violence prevention/diffusion, internet safety, bullying, alcohol and drug prevention, crime prevention, and more). Our SROs work in collaboration with school administrations to promote a safe educational environment for all.

All of our SROs are certified by the National Association of School Resource Officers. During the months that schools are in session, SROs are assigned full-time to work in their respective schools. Our SRO's also facilitate the summer Youth Police Academy, a 1-week program to educate teens about law enforcement.

SRO assignments

Police Officer Ellisgellis@lenexa.com913.825.8231

  • St. James Academy

Master Police Officer Hochbhoch@lenexa.com913.825.8134

  • Trailridge Middle School

Police Officer Raniagaraniag@lenexa.com913.825.8230

  • Holy Trinity Catholic School
  • Mill Creek Middle School
  • Rising Star Elementary School

Corporal Larsonmlarson@lenexa.com913.825.8116

  • Christa McAuliffe Elementary School
  • Canyon Creek Elementary School
  • Sunflower Elementary School

Master Police Officer Gevertzmgevertz@lenexa.com913.825.8180

  • Lenexa Hills Elementary School
  • Manchester Park Elementary School
  • Mill Creek Elementary School
  • Rosehill Elementary School

School Resource Unit supervisor: Sergeant Jason Hinklejhinkle@lenexa.com913.825.8098

SRO duties

  • SROs serve as members of each school’s faculty, acting as teacher, guest speaker, informal counselor, programs coordinator and law enforcement officer. Their duties include:
  • Serving as a police figure and positive role model by dealing with law and safety issues
  • Serving as a resource to teachers, parents and students by dealing with individual problems, concerns and questions
  • Providing classroom instruction on law-related topics, violence prevention and diffusion, internet safety, bullying, alcohol and drug prevention, citizenship and safety.
  • Reducing juvenile crime by increasing students’ awareness of rules, authority, and justice and promoting self-awareness and responsible citizenship.
  • Reviewing school crisis plans and conducting safety meetings with school staff and students.
  • Assist with tornado, fire and lockdown drills.
  • Gathering information about problems such as criminal or gang activity, student unrest and individuals who may be disruptive to the school.
  • Attending parent and faculty meetings.