Apply to Serve on Appointed Boards

We have a number of volunteer appointed boards and commissions that make recommendations to the Lenexa City Council. Vacancies on these boards and commissions are filled by appointment by the mayor with the consent of the Lenexa City Council. All positions require you to participate in meetings on a regular basis.

Volunteer boards and commissions

Arts Council

The Lenexa Arts Council promotes and encourages public programs to further awareness in the fine and performing arts. They also coordinate scheduling exhibits, recitals, lectures or other artistic activities and give recommendations and advice for further artistic activities in Lenexa. The Arts Council consists of nine members, and meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. 

Building Code Board of Appeals

The Building Code Board of Appeals considers any appeal of orders, decisions or determinations made by a building official or Fire Chief relative to the International Building Code and other technical codes adopted by the city. The Building Code Board of appeals consists of five members and meets on an as-needed basis on the second Thursday of the month.

Parks & Recreation Board

Parks & Recreation Board guides staff decisions regarding parks and recreation. They make recommendations to the Lenexa City Council concerning items such as park development and improvements, programs and events, and recreation facilities. The Parks & Recreation Board consists of nine members and meets on the second Wednesday of each month. 

Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Appeals

The Planning Commission reviews and makes recommendations regarding planning and zoning issues in Lenexa. They also serve as the Board of Zoning Appeals, where they can grant variances and exceptions from the requirements of the Unified Development Code. The Planning Commission consists of nine members and meets typically on the first Monday of the month. 

Police Community Advisory Board

The Lenexa Police Community Advisory Board advises the department on a variety of matters such as, biased-based policing, use of force, mental health response and community outreach. The board consists of seven members and meets quarterly.

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