Renters Rights & Responsibilities

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Rental property licenses and exterior inspections

Property owners must register their rental properties annually with the City of Lenexa. Licensing allows the City to perform complete exterior inspections and an interior inspection at a tenant’s request. Rental property owners must have a local agent or property manager who is responsible for the property.

As part of the initial licensing process, the City conducts an exterior property inspection including items on the Rental Property Inspection Checklist(PDF, 119KB). We check the property’s exterior to make sure it is free of conditions that constitute health and safety hazards, create a blighting effect in the neighborhood and adversely affect nearby properties. Owners are responsible for providing and maintaining a fire extinguisher and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms for the property.

After the initial inspection, the City conducts a new exterior inspection every other year, typically in the spring. If warranted, exterior inspections can take place more frequently.

Interior inspections

The City will conduct interior inspections at a tenant’s request for life, health and safety concerns. Tenants should first work with their landlord to resolve these concerns and document their communication. However, if satisfactory repairs are not made, the renter can ask the City to perform an interior inspection to ensure code compliance by filling out this form.

Click here to view form.

The City reserves the right to perform interior inspections only when a tenant presents evidence a violation of the City Code may exist. For example: roof leaks, lack of hot water or a working furnace in the winter months. The City can not test for mold or inspect for cosmetic concerns.

To check on the status of a property’s rental license, any outstanding code violations, or ask other questions, email or call 913.477.7725.

Local tenant rights, laws and protections for Kansas

You will find other helpful information about renter’s rights and responsibilities on the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s website.

The City of Lenexa does not have the ability to interfere with your lease or other contractual obligations even if violations exist in your rental unit. We can only require an owner to bring the property into compliance with City Codes.