Rec Center Wellness Assessments


Every member age 16 and older of the Lenexa Rec Center receives one free wellness assessment conducted by a certified personal trainer. These assessments are a great way to evaluate important aspects of your health and include an InBody scan composition analysis. Each additional wellness assessment costs $40.

Schedule a wellness assessment

If you are a Lenexa Rec Center member, call the welcome desk at 913.477.7529 to schedule your free assessment.


  1. When you click the link above, you will be taken to our list of certified personal trainers. Select a date and time that works for you with any of our trainers by clicking the green + sign.
  2. Select "Add to Cart."
  3. If you are not already logged in to our registration system, please log in.
  4. If applicable, select the person in your household who is doing the wellness assessment.
  5. Check the box next to Wellness Assessments.
  6. Select "Continue."
  7. Finalize your wellness assessment by selecting "Check Out."

Understand your assessment results

Wellness assessments can help determine your fitness level, track progress, and plan your next steps.

The 60-minute assessments detail helpful information about body composition using the InBody analysis system(PDF, 1MB), cardiovascular health, muscular endurance, balance and flexibility. Regularly scheduled wellness assessments provide insight into changes in your health and fitness to best help set and assess personal goals. You can take home the results of your wellness assessment the same day, and a copy of assessment results will be kept in a secure file at the Lenexa Rec Center for three years.

Aspects of a wellness assessment

  1. Height and weight
  2. Body circumference measurements
  3. Segmental lean analysis
  4. Bioelectrical impedance measurements
    • Percent body fat
    • Body mass index (BMI)
    • Lean body mass
    • Body water
    • Body composition
  5. Blood pressure reading
  6. Resting heart rate and training heart rate zones
  7. Resting metabolic rate calculations
  8. Submaximal cardiorespiratory fitness assessment(s) to assess cardiopulmonary health
  9. Flexibility assessments (hips, back, shoulders, hamstrings)
  10. Balance and stability testing
  11. Body fat caliper measurements (per request)

How to prepare for your assessment

  • Get six to eight hours of sleep the night before.
  • Drink plenty of fluids the 24 hours leading up to your assessment to ensure normal hydration.
  • Avoid heavy meals, tobacco, alcohol and caffeine during the three hours leading up to your assessment. Feel free to have a small snack 30 to 60 minutes before.
  • Avoid exercise or strenuous physical activity the day of your assessment.
  • Wear athletic attire and shoes.
  • Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to your 60-minute assessment.

InBody assessment requirements:

  • Hydrate well the day before.
  • Remove all jewelry, socks, pantyhose and shoes.
  • Stand upright for at least five minutes prior to testing.
  • Avoid drinking caffeine on the day of your test.
  • Avoid eating three to four hours prior to testing.
  • Use the restroom prior to testing.
  • Avoid exercising six to 12 hours prior to testing.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol for 24 hours prior to testing.
  • Avoid InBody testing after a shower or sauna.
  • Avoid using lotion or ointment on hands or feet.
  • If testing in the winter, warm yourself up for 20 minutes prior to testing.
  • Avoid testing if you are pregnant, menstruating, or have medical implants such as pacemakers and other life-sustaining medical implants.